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Why do I need to be a member of I Volunteer Perth-Huron?

The Local

As an online Volunteer Centre, I Volunteer Perth-Huron engages in activities and services that relate to these four core areas as defined by Volunteer Canada:

  1. promoting volunteerism and citizen engagement
  2. connecting people to opportunities
  3. building organizational capacity for volunteer engagement
  4. providing leadership on issues related to volunteer engagement

Working collaboratively and encouraging involvement are two of the foundational values that developed I Volunteer Perth-Huron, and these same values will allow this online volunteer centre to evolve and grow into the go-to site for everything volunteer in our two counties.

As a member organization, you will be in a position to provide valuable insight and feedback on the site. As importantly, you will benefit from:

  • Recruitment and Referral tools with a recognizable local feel, for:
    • ongoing volunteer opportunities
    • featured immediate opportunities
    • cross pollination of postings: shared to local educational institution sites, for example
  • Curated Resource listings and links to volunteer cycle management tools to help with:
    • recruitment and screening
    • orientation, training and coaching
    • retention
    • recognition
  • Shared Marketing and Volunteerism Promotion
  • Professional Development Opportunities

Because the site is operated on a not-for-profit basis, membership fees are kept affordable. Leveraging the collective nature of the enterprise allows associated costs to be borne and shared by the many member organizations.

The results of a 2015 wide-reaching survey of not-for-profit organizations in Perth and Huron Counties on the subject of membership fee ranges, supported an annual membership fee schedule as follows:

  • Not-for-profit organizations: $50
  • For-profit organizations: $100

We will keep membership costs low thanks to the ongoing support of current and future funding partnerships, and the robust support of community organizations.

How do I become a member of I Volunteer Perth-Huron?

Affordable annual membership fees from VIOs (Volunteer-involving organizations) like yours, play a critical role in supporting the operational costs of maintaining the site’s activities and services. Click here for the membership application and payment options. Membership runs for a year once membership is paid.  Invoices will automatically be issued in the 11 month of membership..

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